Con Games & Street Scams

aka: [ swindles, rip-offs, scams, rackets, hustles, confidence tricks, bait & switches, bunko or bunco games, flimflams, con jobs, schemes, fast ones. ]


If you have ever been approached by someone with a bad luck story asking for money, than you probably have been the target of one of the many types of con games and street scams played by con artists.

Ripping people off is just another days work for these street hustlers. They don't care who you are, where you come from or what your story is. Their mission is to run a con game on you and rip you off.

The types of con games and street scams can range from small swindles to very detailed and elaborate fraud schemes. They can be played out in bars, on the street, at the store, the card table and at carnivals.

There are endless opportunities for street hustlers to take advantage of as the streets are their playground.

There doesn't seem to be any escape from these bunko artists and their bag of tricks. The history of man is riddled with stories of old time swindlers and confidence tricks.

So, it seems that the confidence man is here to stay. As bleak as this may seem, there is something we can do to protect ourselves from con games.

All it takes is to raise your awareness by learning how the different street scams and street hustlers games work. Just browse through the below list of con games to familiarize yourself with them and by doing so, you will be able to spot the hustle before it spots you.



Confidence Tricks :

The professional (if you want to call it that) name for scams and fraud schemes are known as confidence tricks. These include every swindle under the sun. It is what con artists do to take your money.


Bar Bets Tricks :

Many drinks and dollars have been one over bar bets and tricks. Con men will start a conversation that ends up in some wild bet that the victim is sure he will win. However, the end result is some type of twist that leaves the victim a loser.


Gambling Scams :

Gambling is a full time trade for some confidence men. From marked cards to slick card manipulation, a card sharp is able to control their cards so that they always win. It doesn't stop there; Criminals have found ways to cheat slot machines, dice and just about every other gambling game out there.


Psychic Scams :

Most of us have been to one and most of us know that it is pure entertainment. However, some people are completely taken over by psychic scams and end up spending their savings to find answers. Psychics are experts at playing on peoples emotions and keeping them in suspense to come back for more important and life altering information. There are even people who make every decision through the advice of a psychic.


Carnival Game Scams :

Who can resist the pitch of a carny calling out to win a prize. The only problem is, most carnival games are scams. They are rigged in some way so that it makes it extremely difficult for players to actually win the top prizes. Game operators always have a trick up their sleeve. The next time you are at the carnival, you may want to stay away from the games unless you want to throw your money away.










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