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EXPOSING Fraud, Scams, Ripoffs, Con Artists & Con Games OF ALL KINDS

Caveat Emptor: [Latin for "Buyer Beware". Meaning that the buyer should always be alert to the possibility of being cheated.]

Far too often we hear stories about our friends and neighbors falling victim to fraud scams and ripoffs perpetrated by con artists. Most people don't know this but, in most cases, these terrible acts of fraud could have been prevented with some basic knowledge and awareness.

The authorities who govern these genres of con games are only able to do so much to protect the general public. As overall security measures improve, so do the tricks and skills of the trickster.

With this said, much of the responsibility to keep you and your family protected from these swindles is up to you.

In order to educate yourself and increase your overall fraud prevention, we ask that you browse through the different fraud schemes, scams & ripoffs to find out how these fakers operate.

In doing so, you can learn how to spot a scam and avoid being ripped off. Remember, if you know how the swindles work, you will know how to avoid them.


fraud schemes

Fraud Schemes

Exposing the types of fraud scams that victimize thousands of people around the world.

scams and ripoffs

Scams & Ripoffs

There are hundreds of scams happening every minute. Learn the types of scams and rip offs you should avoid.

con games

Con Games

Learn about the different confidence tricks, hustles and street scams that the confidence man uses to make his living.



Help Prevent Fraud

One way in which you can help prevent fraud is by spreading the word. This can be done by telling your friends, family and anyone else the first step to fraud prevention is awareness.

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Without the foresight to spot a scam... you are helpless!

Please take the time to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones by Easily browsing through this site.

~ Dedicated to Fraud Prevention ~








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